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New bloggers make a very common mistake when they start writing their first blog post that they keep writing a detailed article but forget to make it reader-friendly and hence, the bounce rate of their article increases day by day.

So, in this article, I am gonna explain to you how to write a blog post so that it can be Google-friendly and user-friendly too.

What is the means of writing a detailed article after spending 100s of hours when that article do not rank on major search engines?

You must be knowing that delivering your knowledge to your audience by writing unique articles is an art which can be liked or disliked by the readers but you must have to deliver the best.

So, here is the complete list of steps that you should follow while writing your first blog post.

1. Choose a Right Blog Niche(Subject)

Choosing a blog nicheIf you love bike riding then, of course, you must be loving to share knowledge and thoughts about motorbikes, automobiles, etc.

But being a bike lover, if you start a food blog, I am sure you will quit blogging after a month.

In blogging, it is very important that you should choose a blog niche in which you have proper knowledge and you love to talk about that niche.

There are many new bloggers who search over the internet and finds blogs making huge money. The same they do follow without analysing that they have the proper knowledge about the niche or not.

So, be sure whatever you are going to blog about, you have interest and passion to write about that topic.

2. Write Compelling Headings

Write headings for a great blog postIf your headings are not compelling, trust me there are no chances of your post reading and sharing by the people.

We are humans, and we have a very bad habit of judging a book by its cover. In the same way, an article or a blog post can be judged by its heading

That’s the reason why your blog post title must be compelling for your blog success.

If you are not sure that your blog title is the one that it should then try EMV (Emotional Marketing Value) Heading Analyzer which is a great tool to determine whether your heading can be attached with the audience emotionally or not.

You can also try Coschedule Heading Analyser to check your heading impact on the people. They also give you some great tips on how to improve your blog post headings.

3. Must Include Subheadings

Apart from writing an SEO-friendly article, it is also important that your entire blog post looks awesome and impressive to your audience.

Hence, formatting is an important part of writing a great blog post.

No one likes to keep reading a textual paragraph. I mean there is nothing worse than reading just text and text.

Even most of the people skip the blog articles when they see a long paragraph full of just text and no subheadings, no infographics, no bold text, and nothing.

So, I always recommend you to write great subheadings in your blog posts to make it user-friendly and your readability score can be increased then.

Anything that you do on your blog post easy for your user’s eye will definitely convince him to read your entire article.

4. Include Images in your Blog Post

Inclue images in your blog postThe human brain is designed in such a way that visual content attracts him the most than the text-based content.

Isn’t it?

So, don’t avoid inserting images in your blog post relevant to the topic.

Add images to your article which can help to boost your post engagement among readers.

Don’t know how to design images?

Ah, no worries.

There are tons of resources that you can use to design your copyright free images like Fotor or Canva. You can use some already designed copyright free images from Freepik or Shutterstock.

I mostly use Fotor and Freepik on my blog to design images.

5. Use Bullet Points

Include bullet pointsTo increase the read time of your blog posts, you need to highlight your best information using bullet points or numbering system.

Apart from subheadings, bullet points are perfect as they arrange your content in a structural manner for better readability.

Here is a list of some great tips on how to use bullet points so that people can actually read your blog post:

  • Consider bullets as mini-headlines to express clear benefits of your information.
  • Maintain symmetry in your bullets to 1-2 lines each.
  • Don’t write a paragraph in bullets and avoid bullet cluttering.
  • And most important, bullets are small sentences. So, don’t treat with them as headlines.

6. Do SEO Optimization

SEO optimizationThis is the most crucial factor of ranking your blog posts on major search engines.

So, I never recommend writing a blog post without keeping SEO in mind.

Google is the boss in driving organic traffic to the websites and hence do a proper SEO of your blog post to gain more traffic and higher rankings in SERPs.

Trust me!

Doing SEO is not a complex task or it doesn’t follow difficult rules to done properly but there are few points you need to focus on while writing your blog post to make it Google-friendly.

  • Write proper Meta Title to increase CTR
  • Write an impressive Meta Description
  • Include your Focus Keyword in a proper manner
  • Use variation of your Focus Keyword
  • Include Internal and External Links
  • Write keyword based Alt description to the Images

So, these are some great tips that you should follow to rank your blog posts faster and gain more traffic.

7. Add Clear Call-to-actions

This is one of the most important things to mention clearly what exactly you want your readers to do. Whether you want them to subscribe, you want them to leave comments or share your blog post on their social wall.

The call to action message should be stated clearly on your blog to grab the attention of the readers.

So, these all were the top points that you should follow to write a great blog post which can not just help to rank your article but will also convert the visitors into the readers.

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