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No doubt, WordPress is a very powerful content management system which can be used to build amazing websites. Though WordPress is an open-source tool but it do need a server to run websites.

When you are starting with WordPress, I suggest to get a free local server for WordPress website instead of investing in a live web hosting server.

Developing a WordPress website locally doesn’t cost anything and you can build your website even when you don’t have an internet connection.

Want to build a WordPress website on Localhost server? Here, is a complete video tutorial for localhost wordpress.

How do I install WordPress Locally for Free?

There are so many tools through which you can install WordPress locally for free but a few of them has their own special system requirements.

If you use localhost then you need to have a specific PHP version, minimum RAM storage, etc.

There is another good solution for installing WordPress locally for free is Localwp.

Localwp is an amazing cloud based tool that you can use for free and build WordPress website with just a few clicks.

To download the latest version of localwp, use the table below.

Mac Intel
Mac Apple Silicon

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