Common Blogging Mistakes [Beginners Guide]

Common blogging mistakes

Blogging is more than just your writing hobby, but it also adds dollars to your bank account regularly, once ranked on Google.

Getting paid daily for writing something that you love is really great but new bloggers who think that they are going to drive a lot of traffic, bringing advertisers and fans right off the bat often make the same common blogging mistakes.

Following are the Common Blogging Mistakes, which can easily avoided if you are aware of them:

7. Choosing Wrong Niche (Topic)

wrong blog niches: common blogging mistakesSee, when you start a blog, be careful that your blog must be based on a particular theme, topic or niche.

One should start a blog with the aim of sharing his thoughts with the people, enjoy to write about what he/she loves. And it is very important to choose a specific niche of your blog before creating it.

There are 1000s of high searchable niches like Health and Fitness Blog, Entertainment news blog, Tech based blogs, etc.

Firstly, analyze a proper niche which you really enjoy and then start a blog on that niche.

It’s often better to choose something more than you love like writing recipes of different variety of foods that you cook. This one is best for moms who are housewives. Or if you love to play with gadgets then go for this niche. Daily new gadgets are launching. So, it too has a huge search volume per month.

Advice: Rather than starting a mixed niches blog which is one among huge common blogging mistakes, I suggest to pick one specific niche and start your blog today.

6. Choosing Wrong Blogging Platform

Do you know your Domain Name? Who is your Web Host Provider? Which Blogging platform you are using?

If you are unaware of the answers of these questions or have no idea what exactly are these thing then you are already making huge blogging mistakes.

When you start a blog, always remember that either you are going to create a basic blog just for your thoughts sharing or you are going to start a blog for serious income generation.

If you are blogging just for fun then sign up with, or on Tumblr and start writing your content and inserting images. But, if you are to willing to earn good income with your blog then learn the difference between and

Later on, if you would need to run you blog on your own domain then you need to buy a domain name from hostgator and web hosting too. Learn here of how to create a blog on WordPress (Self-hosted .org)

Whatever you do on your blog, make sure that your blog looks good on desktops, tablets, laptops and on the small screen sized affordable cell phones too.

Don’t make your blog layout too busy or complex. Use only a specific color theme rather than playing with multiple colors. Use optimized images and always avoid playing any background music on your blog

5. Ignoring Social Media

When you start a blog, never think that today if you wrote a 2000 words of article and published, you will be receiving tons of new readers to your blog.

You might have written a great content on the internet but if you family members and friends are the only readers, trust me this will not take you very far.

What to do?

  • Integrate Social Media as it is the most powerful resource to share you thoughts among millions of unknown people.
  • Create a Facebook business page and daily share your articles or blog posts on it and circulate the social page as much as possible.
  • Create a Twitter account and start tweeting with your unique blog posts.
  • Create a Google+ page for faster rankings.

4. Not Commenting on Other Blogs

Now, this one is very important to consider for a blog success. If you will not collaborate with other bloggers, you will be having less support from blog community.

What does it mean??

It means, by commenting regularly on other similar niche blog posts, other commenters will notice your comments, they will reply to your comments and will also look into your profile and blogs.

In this way, you will be getting better traffic too with just a minor effort.

3. Ignoring ON Page SEO

Well, On Page SEO is a crucial part for your blog post to get ranked on Google and other major search engines top pages.

Blogging is not just like you decided to write 1000 words on How to create a website, but it is very important that how your blog content structure looks like.

Is you Blog Post Title SEO friendly and contains your targeted keyword or not? What is the Readability percentage? What is the quality of content? Have you used the alt tags in images that you have used on your posts or not?

There are several factors of On Page SEO. If you want to learn of “How to write blog posts” then I have written a complete easy to understand tutorial for you.

2. Thinking of Money Rain within a Month

Most of the new bloggers think that their 10 blog posts will start making dollars for them from day 1 or within a month since the blog was started. And when it doesn’t happens, they quit and stop writing blog posts.

Remember, earning from blog is not just a 1 day effort but you must be honest in writing great content for your future readers, do proper on page seo and keep patience till 6 – 9 months at least as blog pages takes time to get indexed on Google and ranked on top pages.

Advice: Rather than thinking of money while starting a blog, just forget about it and focus on sharing great content at least thrice a week and leave rest on Google. It will judge your efforts after few months and will start adding dollars in your bank account if you would be using Google Adsense Monetization.

1. Copying Content from other Blogs

This one is listed as the huge common blogging mistakes.

Many new bloggers start their blogs after selecting a particular niche but as everyone is not a great content writer, and hence, they just copy and paste the content from other similar niche blogs. Stop doing this immediately.



  • Google is smarter than you. It will penalize your website for duplicate content.
  • If the other blogger (from where you have copied the content) had copyrighted content, he may take a legal action against you.
  • Your readers can also realize the duplicate content and they will skip your post which will increase the bounce rate of your blog which is not good at all.

So, these are the top 7 common blogging mistakes, a new blogger must take care off.

If you have any question, never hesitate to write your comment below. Good Luck.

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