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The exciting craze of premium eCommerce WordPress themes changes year by year. So, it is important to keep your website up-to-date on the WordPress themes that providers ensure you that you are choosing the best solution for selling your products online.

We talk a little bit more on choosing the perfect eCommerce platform on this site, and WordPress website is the most selected method for selling anything online beautifully.

WordPress is 100% free content management system, and you can easily control all your content easily without any knowledge of coding. This is the best free website development tool to make a website.

However, you have to install WooCommerce plugins which are also free and not hard at all to install and activate on your website. There are some providers who are listed as the best WordPress hosting companies and they offer to get WooCommerce installed in your website from their end like Bluehost offer the same.

It is recommended that you should choose the best web hosting provider for your WordPress route. Most of the web hosts provide 1-Click WordPress installation from their cPanel and plenty of cheap WordPress hosting companies also available to choose from.

If you don’t know how to install WordPress then I have a detailed article on this too.


Once you are ready to set up everything on your WordPress site, it’s time to choose one great premium eCommerce WordPress themes available on the marketplaces.

Premium themes provide you the functionality to edit content from the frontend beautifully and you can sell any products and collect payments online.

The ones I have listed out below are WooCommerce compatible premium themes. So, it hardly takes a few clicks for you to launch your first product on the website and start selling right away.

Without taking this post too textual,

Let’s check out the best premium eCommerce WordPress themes of 2019.

1. Jayla WooCommerce Theme

jayla premium eCommerce WordPress themeJayla is a compatible and stylish eCommerce theme for designing an online store with WordPress. You will always see most of the latest feature which you have ever expect on your website, some of them are as:

  • Sells physical product
  • Digital downloading
  • Online services also much more

You will get the following features in these themes:

Customization – Customize your page with drag and drop page builder like WPBakery.
Header and footer – You can personalize your online shop with header and footer builder.
Install demo – You can view theme demo in a single click and download.
Lifetime support – You can contact anytime with the team via open tickets and email.
Responsive and flexible – It’s responsive for both device desktop and mobile and easy to navigate.
Colorful layout – Select your desired layout with attractive color.
Updated demo package – Yo can always get a fresh demo package as per your need.
Add Product with Ajax – for the Customer simultaneously add product on the cart, reduce the useless page loading.
No use “Read More” – There is no need to click “Read More” for viewing all products. Its uses “Quick View” and see all at a moment.
Product Variation Swatches – Choose your product with radio, color, images, labels and more.
Slider Revolution – Integrate with slider revolution to get a smart look on your website.

2. Artemis Woocommerce theme

Artemis premium eCommerce theme

Artemis is a stylish WooCommerce theme for developing high standard online shop with WordPress. If you wish your online store has a strong professional featured, where a customer can easily interact with your product and increase sales, you can choose it very confidently.

You will get these features in this theme:

Online shop demo – Get multiple stylish and classy featured demo here.
Default enables package – Provide all needy features uses for online shopping like quick search to find products.
Upload product video – Easily upload product video for each listing, provide a customer a way to check out stock.
Responsive – Visitor can take a view of products with mobile anytime, anywhere.
Use Premium plugin – Customize your page with WPBakery page builder to edit your content easily.
Slider revolution – make it easy to show all products on the slideshow.
Bloggers choice – Blog lovers often select this platform for improving their writing skills.
LookBook – Use lookbook for a smart view of the product.
Sidebar – Sort the product with sidebar prize, size, colors, etc.
Connect with the map – Visitor can contact with the map as well as the simple form to your site.

3. TheGem

TheGem premium eCommerce theme WordPress

Every eCommerce shop owner understands their product value and promotes a perfect place. Sales promotion fully depends on your web design which covered by TheGem theme.

It is a worth premium eCommerce WordPress theme in terms of following features that you will get.

Provide a multipurpose solution – Fulfill the dynamic requirement of the customer aspects during the purchase.
WooCommerce integration – Designed with WooCommerce plugin.
In-Built template– You can choose your favorite layout with In-built templates.
Add visual composer– Create any page as your choice to make your match.
View rollover image– Visitor can see a clear image on hover the mouse on the product thumbnail.
Product review-With the product page, a review page just gives help to counter to show off product statistics.
Add on wishlist– If you have some hope to purchase any product in future, you can add in your list with “Add on wishlist”.

Page layout-Available options for layout is:

  1. Width
  2. Boxed

Menu layout– Menu layout also provided here are like:

  1. Classic
  2. 100% width
  3. Hamburger
  4. Vertical
  5. Centered
  6. Splitted
  7. Overlays
  8. Perspective

Menu style– For designing aspect, enhance menu with menu style options available are:

  1. Light and dark
  2. Light and Light
  3. Dark and dark
  4. Make Yours

4. Shoptimizer

shoptimizer eCommerce theme

Shoptimizer is highly performance optimized premium eCommerce WordPress theme in 2019.

When you expect your site performance better than others, it makes your best choice with features of speed and conversion. It has observed from research that a one second delay results in a 7% reduction in conversions, so from the time-saving purpose, Shoptimizer score higher.

You will get these features in this theme:

Ability to auto minify– It has a feature to auto minimize stylesheet, and reduce page loading time.
Prefer “Mobile-First” approach – Smartphone users are able to online shop at your store.
Ease with “Elementor”– Customize with Elementor page builder allows users to create a beautiful layout.
Also will get here:
Quick changes– Within the customizer makes it easy to quickly change the font, color, and also others.
Social sharing– On a header top left the corner, provide the social link to share your product, blogs and much more.
Pricing and services– Although Shoptimizer price is a little bit higher than others, but comes with 1-year support and lifetime updates. So that it is becoming a favorite theme of most developers.

5. Nitro

Nitro eCommerce themeIn the market crowd, multiple themes are available with their latest offers. When you think which one includes all relevant properties for eCommerce functionalities, then I recommend Nitro for you.

You will get these features in this theme:

Templates for all– Include designer templates for fashion, electronics, furniture, sports and jewelry with newly released design in every 3 months.
Focus on design– Attractive design with strong eCommerce functionality.
Built-in feature– Include promo popups, live search, out of stock alert, wishlist, and size chart.
Variety of layout– Support multi-page layout for designing theme.
Visual composer– For the customization, a visual composer like WPBakery helps for it.
Flexible built-in MegaMenu– Create MegaMenu for all types of product list.
Product quick view– Instead of loading a new tab with time-consuming for showing any product details, quick view help for it with immediate display of product description with zoom effect.
WooCommerce product filter– Customer can easily fetch any product with a filter instead of creating congestion.
Size chart– Select perfect as a match with your personality with using size chart.
Sales countdown– Latest offer and product promoting is also can boom by sales countdown.
Product photo zoom– Product can easily view very neat and clean by zoom click.
Product custom attribute– Product can be chosen by the buyer with different size, colors, material to give help for purchasing the right product.
Product mapper– Product description can also be enhanced by product mapper. Graphically shows what quality of products.
Product category layout – Product looks great with the selection of a proper layout.
Product page layout– Where your product description has to be shown, it is decided by page layout. You clearly show your content on left, right, center as per your need.

6. Flatsome

flatsome eCommerce theme

Flatsome is rated number 5 in the list of top premium eCommerce WordPress themes due to its flexibility of usage.

A core point of any successful website is an uninterruptable user experiment. With taking advantage of  Flatsome’s powerful design capabilities, your website can offer the customer an enjoyable and easy shopping experience.

These theme features can be included on your website:

WooCommerce plugin– Integrate with WooCommerce plugin to make your site professional.
Page builder– Use page builder like Elementor, WpBakery to make for page layout.
Customization– In terms of designing, user customization and make a unique site as you need.
Flatsome’s functionality can be classified into two optional plugins:-

  1. One that adds a customer wish list
  2. Live search function.

UX builder– Make your site without using any code. Easily can create the slider, banner, and responsive pages faster.
Header designer-Design any type of header with this tool.
Live theme option– Customize your theme with Live theme options panel, you can view changes without saving.
Flatsome studio– It’s a large online library of sections and full-page designs ready to be inserted to the page by using page builder.
A fastest response-Each element in flatsome is optimized for an extreme flow of the site. It performs on below features:
Lightweight CSS and javascript features

  1. Smart Lazy loading
  2. High-performance parallax and animation effects.

Amazing for the blog– Show your blog post in a different way like a slider, rows, grid, and Masonry style.
Parallax effect– Give your site a neat and smooth look with parallax features.
Single page navigation– Navigate your page with a single page and reduce time-consuming by navigational effects.
Sticky section– Scroll the whole webpage and you will see like overlapping of contents.

7. Claue

claue eCommerce themeThis theme is ideal for fully focus on your products. Claue is simple theme listed in premium eCommerce WordPress themes specifically focused on fashion store. It enables customers to select their favorite product with variations like color, size, with relevant images.

You can include the features in this theme are:

Select with the variation – Customer can choose their desired item with color, size, images, ranges.
Promote with the bundle – Create product bundles and promote the product that is usually bought together.
Encourage for the cart – With exciting features, a customer will eager to add more and more products on their online basket.
Make your product social – If you desire that customer reach on your store first, you will promote it on with social media links.
Numerous theme option– Design your site as you wish to look with multiple theme options.
Choose demo – Customize your site with your selected demo and make as per your need.
Add with the visual composer– Include product description with visual composer also embed with video.
Filter your product– Make easy for a customer to their specific product with filter option.
Flexible – Claue is flexible, a strong customizable theme with a smooth browsing experience.
10+ excellent homepage layout– Pick your favorite homepage layout to add contents.
LookBook– Show your products with the help of LookBook and promote more.
Advance Shop Layout pattern-Layout plays an important role in the customer point of view during a sales promotion. Some of them are as-
Standard layout

  1. Metro layout
  2. Full-width layout
  3. Left/Right sidebar
  4. Filter

Product details layout– Same concept as with Product description regarding product detail layout:

  1. Product standard layout
  2. Product gallery thumbnail
  3. Product with sticky info1/info2
  4. Product color swatch
  5. Product image swatch
  6. Product gallery swatch
  7. Product with thumbnail on right/bottom/outside/
  8. Product with video thumbnail
  9. Product with bundle

8. Hugo

If you try to empathize that you are a store owner, not a developer, so I am suggesting you one of the best themes for you, especially for moneymakers for selling their product. Consist of exclusive customization option. Enable you to get your shop uplift in the online market and run with a faster approach.

You can include the features:

Advanced page builder– Create a homepage with drag and drop page builder.
Stylish font – Add modern and easy font for your content.
WooCommerce integration – Get in touch your store to each and everyone with integrating WooCommerce plugin.
Also, include some others:
Filter with the price – Customer can easily access product with adjust price range and view all possible items.
Social share – Link your product directly with the customer with the help of social media link and be famous.
Some additional features are:
Grid feature – Give your store rich and smart look with Grid show.
Available in all price range – The theme is with all category price range with up to lifetime support.

10. Basel

basel eCommerce themeWhen you come to choose one from a huge list of premium eCommerce WordPress themes, you should try a comprehensive theme to cover all the features. You need to design from the ground up, so I’ll suggest you for Basel. Magnify your online store with its features and high promotion will uplift your sales, with getting unlimited product quantity as well as quality features.

 You can include the features:

10+ storefront demo – It embraces all manner of slots, individual pages can contain a bulk of the content.
Integrate with WooCommerce – WooCommerce integration can make ready for your store for online purchasing.
Smart typography choice – Contents can be visible smart with using typography.
Show your product smart – You can show your product in many ways including masonry view and product page description almost in a mini landing page.
Full- width image– Content description in a full-width image to cover more area for a better view.
Call to action– It also reduces the code work for you with a predefined button.
Magnify with hero slider– Present your product with large, featured series of images on the homepage with hero slider.
Bundle of plugin-Basel provides a bunch of useful plugins like WishList, which adds and manage customer favorite product in the cart for current and also for further.
Modern look– It keeps the attention of the visitor with its stylish look and enhance it with functionality.
Price and services– It includes the price very affordable and support with 1 year

Conclusion: There were the top 9 premium eCommerce WordPress themes and I will be adding more in few days after full research and testing. I suggest to go with Flatsome as it is really great to sell any kind of product beautifully.

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