8 Important Plugins for WordPress Blog [Free]

Well, this is, of course, a common question when you will be creating your own blog, you must be finding out some outstanding plugins for your WordPress blog or WordPress Website.

Here I have listed the top 8 important WordPress plugins, one must have to boost blog subscribers or website conversions.

Important WordPress Plugins:

1. WPForms Contact Form

Important wordpress plugins: wpformsWhen you are creating a new WordPress Website or a Blog, you must be wondering to have a contact us page with a working contact form.
In my consideration, WPForms Lite is a great contact form plugin which is 100% free and easy to use. It has drag and drop contact form builder which almost reduces time and effort.
WPForms Premium version is also available if you are willing to add more functionalities to your contact form like conditional logics etc.

2. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO (also knows as WordPress SEO by Yoast) is one of the great WordPress plugins for SEO. It helps you to fix all your ON Page SEO issues, guides you to avoid any mistakes and also improve your post readability.

I am also using Yoast SEO plugins on my client’s websites and on this blog too. Configuring Yoast SEO is very easy and its a fun to do proper SEO of your blog or website with this SEO plugin.

Hence, this plugin is also listed at the most important WordPress plugins.

3. Updraft Backup Plugin


Updraft PlusWhen you write thousands of unique words’ content on your blog or website, there is always a risk of website crash or data loss.

In my beginning days, I was not aware of backing up my client’s websites and on one day, I saw that my all websites were crashed and I didn’t have backups.

Clients keep calling me for restoration and then I realized the importance of website backup. Updraft plus is the best and one among the very important WordPress plugins to backup all your website files, database, plugins, themes, uploads etc.

When you start your website or blog, always install the Updraft backup plugin before writing your first post.

4. WPS Hide Login

WPS Hide loginThis plugin is a part of your WordPress blog security and I consider it as one of the most important WordPress plugins.

As we all know during the installation of a new WordPress, we get the WordPress admin URL as http://www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin where “wp-admin” is always common and well known by all.

It means if someone wants to know your website login URL, he can easily visit your WordPress login URL by adding “wp-admin” after your domain. But if we can have a feature to replace this “wp-admin” with some random word, I think this will add a little bit security to your WordPress website.

WPS Hide Login plugin helps the same. You can set your WordPress login URL as per your choice after your domain name. For ex: http://www.yoursite.com/mysecureword

5. Sucuri

SucuriWebsite Security is always been a big concern for online business owners in 2018. Sucuri‘s firewall is one of the best protection you can get free of cost for your WordPress blog.

It regularly monitors your website and protects it from DDos, XSS attacks, Malware Threats, Brute Force Attacks and almost from any kind of attack to your blog or website.

You must use this plugin on your website in order to keep all your stuff safe and secure from Online Threats.

6. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache

With regards to SEO, we all know that loading speed of your webpages is a huge factor. Google always prefer fast loading websites to rank first in search results and get more visitors.

W3 Total Cache plugin serves compressed and cached pages of your WordPress blog which reduces server response time. There are lots of configuration options in W3 Total Cache plugin but when you will activate it, it will automatically reduce page load time.

7. Convert Plus

Convert Plus

Convert Plus is one of the best Lead Generation WordPress Popup Plugin that helps you to get more and more subscriptions on your website or blog. You can build your email list, bigger and faster than ever before.

Create beautiful and custom popups in minutes & start converting your website visitors into your subscribers or social followers with Convert Plus.

I am using this WordPress popup plugin on my blog too and it provides over 10+ popup display positions, 12+ different visitor behavior triggers & filters. It includes features like

exit-intent popup,
opt-in popup,
slide-in popup,
video popup,
on-click popup,
social popup,
embedded forms,
widget boxes,
info bars which make it the most powerful popup & lead generation WordPress plugin.

8. Regenerate Thumbnails

Regenerate Thumbnails

Regenerate thumbnails plugin allows you to regenerate different sizes of images as per your theme dimensions, with just one click.

With the help of regenerate thumbnails plugin, you have the ability to delete old, unused thumbnail images as well as you can update the post content with new thumbnail-sized images.

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