Saddam Kassim Review

Saddam Kassim review

Saddam Kassim Review

Saddam Kassim is a WordPress developer and these days people are mostly searching for Saddam Kassim review, Saddam Kassim WordPress, and Saddam Kassim Upwork.

So, let’s explore everything about Saddam Kassim which is a popular name on YouTube and in the WordPress development industry.

Saddam Kassim was born in Satna, Madhya Pradesh, India on 28th September 1991 in a middle-class family.

His father’s name is Mohammad Kasim who is a very respected man of the city. He has a great skill to build impressive and useful furniture in 1999s.

Now, Saddam Kassim has the full financial and other responsibilities of his family as you know he is the elder brother among 4 siblings. He is the founder of Websoft Global IT Services as well.

Let’s talk about him in detail.

Saddam Kassim Review

Saddam Kassim teaches people about WordPress development. Those who has no idea about web designing and web development learn from him and they are able to build beautiful websites without learning codes.

The mechanism of Saddam Kassim is very easy for people to understand the WordPress development and anyone can become a successful WordPress developer after learning WordPress from him.

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Saddam Kassim WordPress Development Journey

His career was started as a call center executive in Gurgaon, Haryana, India.

After working for two years, he finally decided to quit the job and choose a new path of career.

In the year 2015, he started learning WordPress and Freelancing and now today, he has a good fan following on Udemy, YouTube, Skillshare, etc.

Saddam Kassim Upwork Journey

After leaving the call center job, he had no future plan.


When he started learning WordPress and Freelancing properly, his life was totally changed.

He do freelancing on which is of course one of the most popular and genuine freelancing site where people discuss about their projects and hire freelancer.

Saddam Kassim work as a WordPress freelancer on Upwork and to date, he has earned $50,000+ by just developing websites for his clients.

He has 350+ worldwide clients and completed 1250+ projects.

Now, he started doing mentorship programs and people are loving his content.

Let’s discuss about his online courses.

Saddam Kassim Courses

He has expertise in WordPress development, freelancing and affiliate marketing. He do teach people about starting a blog.

And hence, he is offering two best selling online courses listed below.

Saddam Kassim WordPress
60 Days WordPress & Freelancing Course
  • Complete WordPress Development Course
  • eCommerce Development
  • Freelancing Training

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Course

  • Earn Passive Income
  • Learn affiliate marketing
  • Strategies to sell an affiliate product
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  1. Hi, This WordPress course by Saddam sir is amazing. very helpful for us and needy people.This course changed my life because I was so confused for my career but when I was attend Saddam sir WordPress free webinar then after that I clear my confusion and i take the path for my career and then i start learning WordPress by Saddam sir and then I create amazing websites for clients. Thank You So much Saddam Sir for create this helpful and wonderful WordPress course for us.It is most beneficial for me. Again Thank You so much Saddam sir you are so supportive and helpful person.

  2. Deepchand Prajapati says:

    If you don’t know any programing language and coding then also you want to become Web Developer then what are you waiting for join this course. Course is really Amazing and Best Instructor ever!! The best thing is that they have the customer care ever, good services offered at great prices discounts and yearly membership offers, premium bonus and life time support. All the Concepts are explained in a simple and effective way, hands-on projects, and advance level curriculum is used to get you more clear about all the thing how it works.

  3. Surendra Kumar says:

    I was seeing Facebook suddenly I saw Saddam Kassim sir. he was saying that if you learn begging to advance WordPress then you join the webinar free of cost then I think it is free so I join it. when I joined the webinar I really fill its amazing classes and Saddam Kassim sir is the best in WordPress then I bought the WordPress course. if I have any problem related to WordPress Saddam Kassim sir help me. it is the best thing. according to me if anybody wants to learn WordPress. you will join the Saddam Kassim sir class. it is the best way to learn WordPress.

  4. Krushna Gavali says:

    Yup, its quality of course of WordPress development and Saddam is very professional man. he is always help me when where I calls his. Simple and understanding explanations of every point.
    Best Regards.

  5. When I was scrolling Facebook & saw Saddam’s sir live webinar video. So, next day I attended that webinar. Sir were teaching so good that I had never saw in live webinar, I liked the webinar and purchased that course of wordpress. The course has amazing contents, from a beginner to advanced. How to build a website from very beginning and create with your own ideas. If you want to do wordpress developer course just go for it.

  6. Easy to learn 👍
    Simple and easy language
    Great content for beginners
    Best for school students, college and housewife

  7. Dhanraj Singh says:

    This course helps me a lot in website designing. Specially thanks to Saddam Kassim sir who helped me whenever I was stuck. Thnk u so much sir.